A guy by the name “Feelgood”

So it has been each time I see my massage therapist – whom I call Dr. Feelgood to my friends because of what Tony does to this aging body of mine – I have another story.

Well this appointment started out with an “oh my” from Tony. When his hands were laid on my back, that’s what was said…aloud…and with meaning. Kind of makes a guy start to wonder sometimes, laying face down and not being able to see what he sees, don’t cha know. He gets right after it and soon the heat is released and the legs and toes are tingling.

I’m sure much of my aches were from slinging two carry-on sized bags (without rollers) while running through airports the past two weeks. Maybe being understaffed at work contributed at bit as well (BTW who needs a job?). But he made quick work of all those knots up and down the back – from the neck to the top half of the cheeky-monkeys. Tony started “releasing” those “mad spots” with a deep massage. and then brought out the intrucments of his trade. And so it is that for the next 7-10 days I have cupping hickeys…about 2″ in diameter…perfectly round in shape…yeah most of you have already (and unfortunately) seen the evidence on prior posts (sorry for the photos gang – none this time…yeah!)…up and down the back. Not only am I temporarily tattoed from the neck to the top half of the cheeky monkeys, but also on both arms and the left calf. I got worked over and the soreness that remains is a whole lot less bothersome than the tension had when I walked in for the appointment.

Now understand that Tony saved me from a four-week rehab courtesy of one Dr. Cut-Away thinking he could surgically fix the tennis elbow flare-up that tested my pain tolerance threshold and caused me to question  a few months ago (and now several sessions too). My testimony is this: go see Tony at Lake Cities Massage. He truly can cure what ails ya if you let go of the overly prescribed pharmaceuticals and scalpels, and let him do what he does best.

I’m back in three weeks! I trust Tony will pull out a few more tricks for me. His new therapy Wednesday  had me so relaxed (the technique escapes me now – something about polarity and the bald noggin’) I was able to clear my mind and doze for a minute. Nicely done!

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