Flushing and brushing

It’s World Plumbing Day….the theme is this: Plumbing Vital to Global Health. The organization (and day) exists to make us feel better in more ways than one.

So take your favorite plumber to lunch today, or buy him a new pipe wrench. I’m calling my plumber friend Kenny, who on too numerous of occasions to mention rescued my home plumbing mishaps, clogs, and no-workies, to wish him Happy World Plumbing Day and thank him.

If I can’t get a hold of Kenny, this guy is my “backup” plumber….

As the Australian/British guy says on the web page video (click the link in the first sentence if you want to be so bored you would rather hold the toilet handle down just to watch the water swirl in the bowl), “Plumbers need to be treated as true professionals”. I so agree…thus my business association with Kenny and Knee Deep (if needed)!

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