I can see all obstacles in my way

And so it was yesterday, St. Patty’s Day that the FD had lasik done to her eyeballs….

All is well today – she has 20/20 vision per her 24 hour post-op checkup. Hooray!

The FSoIL tells us that their ride home in the cab yesterday was something to behold (for lack of a better word). FD’s eyes were lasered, given a lovely pair of sporty sunglasses for the ride home, graciously told to “take this sleeping pill”, and were put out onto the streets of NYC. Fine and dandy, right? Sort of. The pill was fast acting and the doctor’s office was at the exact corner that the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade – only the biggest parade in NYC each year – started. Perhaps the Irish revellers thought the FD had a beer head start on them as her speech was slurred, her walk staggered, and the cab’s back seat broke her fall. HaHaHaHa

So here we have her:

Right After....

This morning, I sent her this:

Not only will most of us (that read my blog) remember Johnny Nash and his chart-busting song, but we will also remember “The Midnight Special” this clip is taken from (geez we’re getting old).

In doing that YouTube search for the classic song “I can see clearly now”, I should have sent her this.

I’ve always liked acapella; I’ve always loved harmony singing.

I’ve got to find me one of these groups…a group so good they can drown out my sharpness and flatness if I’m so inclined to sing along. Or at least a group that takes me in and puts me so far in the back not even the FD with her new eyeballs will see (or hear) me.

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