The Mackie Teachings Daily Cap(s) (204)

We said goodbye to our beloved Scottie this evening. And with that I reflect on what this small, 27-pound bundle of fun taught me over the past 12 years. Throughout my life I’ve had many wonderful dogs, but none have been as special to me as Mackie. She will be forever missed, remembered, understood, and appreciated as such: Patience is for the Owner, not the Scottie Persistence will win out Ornery is fun to be around Straddling a basketball can be used to sooth a tummy ache, or it can simply be for your entertainment A Scottie can pass a vocabulary … Continue reading The Mackie Teachings Daily Cap(s) (204)

Mackie is Aroooo-ing aloud

The Scottie Queen Mackie spent the day at home today, that is after first spending an hour at the vet’s getting blood work checked this morning. Those internal organs are being somewhat ornery, letting Mac’s liver function get back to “normal”, yet keeping us concerned for her kidneys (their behavior, much like a typical Scottie, remains abnormally “high”). She is looking much better, acting a wee bit more like the Mac of old, and thankfully still has her Scottie-ness, although it has been a bit dampened. Regardless, she indulged me with her patience this evening…. Thanks everyone that has asked … Continue reading Mackie is Aroooo-ing aloud

The Halfway Point Daily Cap(s) (183)

Today’s post marks the halfway point of the 365 “The Daily Cap(s)” effort for 2012. And I need to give a h-u-g-e thank you to all the old friends, new friends, and visitors that have been a part of the first 182 posts. There are several followers that are family, and then there are several more that I consider family (and you know who you are…:) ) I may be trying some “daily” themes – don’t know yet – but my hope is I don’t bore you to tears with the next 183 posts…. Continue reading The Halfway Point Daily Cap(s) (183)

The Queen poses

Mackie, Mack-a-do, Mac-a-roni, Mackers, Mack, Mack-Attack…I call her all those names, along with “Hey You Baby Girl”, “Such a pretty girl”, “Goofy Ball”, and “Goodness Sakes”. But mostly she is referred to as “Your Highness, the Queen of Scots”!

Her and Scottie Gal Pal Zoey get their hair and nails done tomorrow…they’ve been invited to Prince William and Kate’s wedding so don’t you know a gussey-up is warranted. Funny, the Royals always act as if they are embarrassed to have their pictures taken afterwards.

Since the day we got her – some 11 years ago – her eyes have always melted any dog discipline I try to enact. Her antics always make me laugh

Continue reading “The Queen poses”