We said goodbye to our beloved Scottie this evening. And with that I reflect on what this small, 27-pound bundle of fun taught me over the past 12 years. Throughout my life I’ve had many wonderful dogs, but none have been as special to me as Mackie. She will be forever missed, remembered, understood, and appreciated as such:

Mackie, the Queen of Scots
  • Patience is for the Owner, not the Scottie
  • Persistence will win out
  • Ornery is fun to be around
  • Straddling a basketball can be used to sooth a tummy ache, or it can simply be for your entertainment
  • A Scottie can pass a vocabulary test
  • “Bye-Bye” means “Go-Go”
  • We all should go for a walk and enjoy it as much
  • Certain people (and dogs) come into your life that are very special (thanks also to Ms. Sarah & Mr. Quinn for being part of Mackie’s caring Royal Family circle)
  • Family may taste good, but biting them makes you feel bad (she really was sorry Tyler)
  • Take a few minutes to clear the goobers from your eyes
  • Cashews are good
  • Stretchin’ does the joints good
  • Roll over and let someone scratch you tummy every once in a while
  • If you sit up pretty, good things will happen to you
  • “Goodness Sakes” is sometimes all you need to hear
  • Sharing the AC vent in the car is not always an option for others
  • Really? You have to ask? Who doesn’t want a treat?
  • When played, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” makes us all stop what we’re doing and sing along
  • Find one toy amongst the many, and like it best (“Dino” was Mac’s)
  • Eat more watermelon
  • “Come here…I’ll scratch you’re butt”  (believe me when I say that was a term of endearment, not to mention a daily ritual)
  • Being low to the ground is not such a bad thing after all
  • Whisper good secrets in my ear, but tell me no lies
  • Airplanes are never welcome to land in your back yard
  • Wasp strings are annoying
  • You can never have enough squeaky toys
  • Bark until you have the whole neighborhood’s attention
  • Pooping and peeing on the doctor’s lawn before your appointment says how you really feel
  • Your own bed gives a great deal of comfort and security
  • Give hugs generously
  • Motorcyle engines are way too loud
  • Barking at the school bus each morning doesn’t mean I don’t like kids
  • Be a silly girl often
  • Find solace where you sit, and enjoy every sitting
  • “No Mac. It’s choc-o-late…you can’t have any”
  • When you speak, raising up off the ground does help emphasize your point
  • Leather shoes are meant to be scuffed, as are pant cuffs meant to be torn when you’re happy to be walking along side your best friend
  • Wag your tail and people will smile at you
  • Who needs a paper shredder when you’ve got a Scottie?
  • Always expect fresh water
  • Show your excitement…hippity-hop
  • “Come on…it’s 5:30. Time to get up, Tim”
  • There is no such thing as reserved seating when it comes to the living room furniture
  • Low windows and wide sills on which to rest your chin makes watching the world go by so much easier
  • “Gotta go” means “I expect you back here soon”
  • Be a good girl
  • “Medicine” means “peanut butter”
  • Whether it’s a window pane or a car window, both deserve a nose print or two
  • If you don’t like Mr. Kitty hanging around, by all means let him know
  • Go ahead and use your paw when you need some attention
  • Everyone should help water the plants
  • If you poop in the backyard, then you should always kick backwards to cover it with dirt
  • Keeping telling yourself “when this bath is over I will get to shake, and then I will feel better”
  • The (dog) door is the gateway to your castle…guard it well
  • Go outside whenever you can
  • Know as one generation stepped forward during a time of loss, so too will the next
  • You’re the Queen, you always will be in charge

Mackie leaves us with wonderful memories of a companion, friend, and lovable member of our family. Had she been anything less, her passing would be much easier. As she did for me so many times before, she would comfort the sadness in my heart, and want it to be short lived. And that it will, because don’t you know I have many-a-picture of her to bring back a smiling memory.  So long baby girl. Aroooo!

October 20, 2000 – July 22, 2012

I have written on this blog so often of Mackie, but these are my favorite: The Queen PosesScottie Takes Flight, and Queen of Scots

I’m letting this post serve as my Daily Cap(s) today – this was Mackie early this afternoon, the last photo I took of her:

My Mackie, RIP girl