The Backyard Black and Yellow Daily Cap(s) (114)

Stella d'Oro Daylily - blooming in my patio pot
Mackie Queen of Scots stands guard over my Daylilies in the backyard
These Daylilies, they are a colorful thing...for being yellow and all
Princess Zoey - yes she too thinks the Daylilies and backyard belongs to her...
Who else looks at the backside of a Daylily? Kind of cool if the setting sun hits it just right....


9 thoughts on “The Backyard Black and Yellow Daily Cap(s) (114)

    1. Elisa – Mackie has been with us for a glorious 11 1/2 years…arooooo. We adopted Zoey a couple years ago – she’s now about 6 years old and has been a wonderful addition to the empty nest around here. Two alpha female Scotties…a definite challenge in chest-beating between the two of them and me. :) Glad to know you’re a Westie owner!


      1. I can’t imagine two Hildys! She follows me around all day not letting more than 4 inches come between my heel and her nose. I get up, she gets up. At precisely 5:00 (dinnertime) she sits in front of the cabinet where the kibble is stored. If no food in the bowl by 5:05….well, you can imagine….
        Love the names, Zoey and Mackie!
        have a great night.


      2. I can imagine that happening all too well – Mackie does that to me at 5:00…in the morning!

        Added a comment separately (so our string can end – ha) with links to my favorite Scottie posts, if interested.


  1. OK…Elisa got me reminiscing…some of the most popular blog posts I’ve done has been about my Scotties. If you have a few moments and want a read, laugh, and “ohhhhh noooo”, check out these three favorites (of mine). Any one of these explain the life and times of Scottie ownership of their keepers: and and


  2. Hello! Happened upon your site via my search for new and wonderful images of Scotties. I found your pic of Zoey in the sunbeam. It’s really lovely. I have 3 Scotties and really enjoyed my tip toe through your images. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Thanks Holly. Mac and Zoe have been so much fun. Check back again – I write and photo them often (and I will to your blog as well)


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