The Queen poses

Mackie, Mack-a-do, Mac-a-roni, Mackers, Mack, Mack-Attack…I call her all those names, along with “Hey You Baby Girl”, “Such a pretty girl”, “Goofy Ball”, and “Goodness Sakes”. But mostly she is referred to as “Your Highness, the Queen of Scots”!

Her and Scottie Gal Pal Zoey get their hair and nails done tomorrow…they’ve been invited to Prince William and Kate’s wedding so don’t you know a gussey-up is warranted. Funny, the Royals always act as if they are embarrassed to have their pictures taken afterwards.

Since the day we got her – some 11 years ago – her eyes have always melted any dog discipline I try to enact. Her antics always make me laugh

Like me, a few gray hairs are creeping into the ol’ curb appeal…but the almond shaped eyes tell a lifetime of good times and stories, from a perspective in relative dog years.

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