Mackie is Aroooo-ing aloud

The Scottie Queen Mackie spent the day at home today, that is after first spending an hour at the vet’s getting blood work checked this morning.

Those internal organs are being somewhat ornery, letting Mac’s liver function get back to “normal”, yet keeping us concerned for her kidneys (their behavior, much like a typical Scottie, remains abnormally “high”).

She is looking much better, acting a wee bit more like the Mac of old, and thankfully still has her Scottie-ness, although it has been a bit dampened.

Regardless, she indulged me with her patience this evening….

She has obviously gotten used to me carrying her around the past few days….

Thanks everyone that has asked about, hoped and prayed for, and those blog followers that have patiently tolerated my Queen posts the past few days.

Now, for crying out loud, let there be other photos taken in the coming days….

6 thoughts on “Mackie is Aroooo-ing aloud

  1. I love and appreciate the Mac pics and updates, Tim. Please keep us posted and blogged! Give the Queen a squeeze from her Aunt Becky!


    1. OFSIL Bec…my fellow over-the-top dog lover in the family…thanks! Mac is special to me, you, and all of us. You bet I will keep y’all posted on her condition. And of late, the picture-taking of her is becoming more frequent….


    1. Hey Em! Thanks and yeah…me and Mac are buds for sure. We’ve enjoyed each other’s company for nearly 12 years now.


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