Club Selection

Next week Tyler and I venture to the flatlands of Kansas to join other family in a “Gentlemanly Pursuit” (as Tyler writes) game of golf. It is fast becoming a highly anticipated round – one that has already been met with arrival time coordination, sleeping arrangements, practice range practice, and yes…”ungentlemanly” smack. The event is for a good cause: a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, aka Relay for Life (Mom has a great vantage point and will be our Field Marshall that day).

Dad, my 2 brothers, and me will comprise one foursome; Tyler, Trevor, Tara, and Dani (4 of Grandpa’s 5 grandkids) will make up another. This 4-man scramble event is suppose to slate each foursome against the tournament’s field of golfers. Not in this family. The primary attitude is the “Old Guys” versus the “Youngens”. Somewhere along the way we will have fun, family time together, and one of us will whup the other (we will go to the Putt-Putt for sudden death if we have too). Our tournament standings at the end of the day will most likely be insignificant compared to our who won or lost family perspective.

I guess I should mention that last year the “Youngens” came from behind on the last 2 holes to beat us “Old Guys” by one stroke (truth be known we didn’t want to discourage them from playing this year so we played the last 4 strokes from our most challenging shots….). It might be a much different story this year. Beer shagging and BBQ clean-up detail at the after-golf picnic will be at stake.

This all will come down to Club Selection. We have started our Club Selections: the Relay for Life Club, the “Old Guys” Club, the “Youngens” Club. The losers get to be in the “Hey-get-me-another-beer” Club. The root of all this Clubbing is to be found on the golf course next week. On that day, at that time, it will come down to (Golf) Club Selection.

Now in regards to my Golf Club Selection: “Youngens”, don’t ask me what I’m hitting out on the course – it might embarass you, but more likely, me. “Old Guys”…ask away. We can compare what age has done to our technique and strength on the links, all the while we eat aspirin from the same bottle.

I will tell you now that when Tony strokes a 9 iron off the par 3 tee box, I will most likely hit a 6 or 7. If TR pulls out a driver on a par 5, I might just stay in the cart (and under the shade canopy). When Dad addresses his second shot with a fairway wood, I will be waiting at my ball next to him, 4 iron in hand, and already laying 2. Here’s to hoping us “Old Guys” have the advantage of experience – knowing our own strength and what each Club Selection is intended to do for us.

The question of the day will be whether the “Youngens” start competing against themselves, trying to out hit the other with a Club Selection that could very well pronounce their demise on the course. We “Old Guys”, although still very competitive with each other and prone to a similar “course” of action, can only hope it all turns out in our favor (and really their’s too).

We all pick our own Clubs, be it on a golf course or somewhere else.

Let’s hope the wind is calm and the sky is overcast. Grip-n-rip, hit ’em straight, “what water?”, sun screen, replace your divots, re-pin the green when finished. Are lessons in golf, lessons in life? Maybe…..

I’m looking forward to Friday the 13th this year.


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