Favorite “cheese” of 2011

Believe it or not, I’m photo’d out…for the year.

And it has been yet another active year exercising the Canon, FugiFilm, and on occasion, the in-a-pinch iPhone camera.

In looking back at my 2011, I see that I did a lot of birding and flowering with the photos taken (or at least those that are my “favorites”). And I certainly threw in a few sunrise/sunset photos…after all, what would a set of my pics be without those kind of photos?

Take a look – let me know what you think. This has been a fun year and it has taken me several places in order to capture the handful of photos here and there…and along the way.

tbomay82’s Flickr 2011 Favorites

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Some things just aren’t right

I will be picking a fight with my many good family and friends in Kansas with this post. But even so, I think they will admit they’re not accustomed to authentic Mexican/Tex-Mex cuisine.

Found these grocery products on a recent trip to the great state of wheat and sunflowers…next trip up I’m bringing Texas tamales and enchiladas from Silva’s (in Lake Dallas).

So, so, so wrong….(isn’t this really called green peppers in vinegar?)


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We were Boxing

Yes, reluctantly I admit I’ve been around a while. I have seen things,  experienced things. I have appreciated many things and regretted things more than I ever thought I would. But after yesterday, the first-time thing I was a part of was  Boxing Day. And I am glad.

Dear friends Ettore and Oona invited us to a Boxing Day celebration last night. Since Oona is a Brit, this holiday is very much a part of her heritage. But regardless of the occasion, our two friends always welcome us into their home with a warm embrace. They are the epitome of a gracious host. Last night was special.

Unsure of what a Boxing Day night of celebration held in store (but I do now), we readied ourselves for good food, conversation, and fun at the very least. The evening was an absolute delight. Seeing our friends surrounded by their long-time friends – no, that should more appropriately read as ” their long-time family” – did nothing more than keep a smile in my heart all evening long.

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It’s OK

This YouTube humor finds its way here via the FD and her Facebook post. I discovered that when one laughs out loud this early in the morning, Scottie dogs come a scootin’ to see what in the wide, wide world of Saturday mornings is going on.

Oh yeah, the calming, and, for those of us that struggle mightily with body coordination, condescending voice of one very patient ballet teacher can be quite comforting during those times I call “oh geez”.

Heed her instruction:

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EHR: Holiday munching

image from indanang.com (via Google images)

And this Email Humor Received (EHR) comes from my good friend Ron…

In the same festive spirit of the wishful holiday’s good tidings, please consider your culinary endulgence based on the rationale given below…it is a logic that I’ve practiced (perfected) in Christmases past…believe you me:

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To be jolly

Now if you just so happen to watch the video, and you don’t catch yourself smiling, then I’ll come see you to massage that hardened heart of yours. It is, after all, the season to be jolly. So be it! Stop it with the political moaning, employment groaning, life-is-not-fair bellyaching, and the unsociable Facebooking for but a few minutes…and sing a Christmas song, for crying out loud, that might make others smile for all the right Godly reasons.

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Learning something

After spending part of my day at a dog park we designed for a City park project; after watching a Yorkie run at top speed (dang they’re fast); after being entertained by an Australian Shepherd (that breed doesn’t know when to call it quits), I came across this and thought…”This I like!” (from this: http://www.joke-archives.com/allineed.html)

All I Need To Know About Life I Learned From My Dog…

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My little cupcake

photo from mymodernmet.com

December 15th IS National Cupcake Day.

And since I’ve officially blown my tonnage-loss program right out the kitchen window this holiday season, I’m eating from a selection of chocolates from the See’s Candy Christmas gift received yesterday from OFGaPal JaiJai instead…and when I get home, the William & Sonoma Peppermint Bark awaits my palette (thanks Deb!). Continue reading “My little cupcake”

Just another one of those camera quirks

Mailboxes! I seek them out…I take pictures of them…homeowners can sometimes get rather concerned with me stopping in front of their house and doing so….

Don’t ask me why, but I strangely have a picture collection of these receptacles of both good and bad news. And lately during my travels (through neighborhoods timmay? really? that’s “travel”)….I’ve come upon several worthy of adding to my photo collection: Continue reading “Just another one of those camera quirks”

We Will Remember

Just when I figured I had heard most of the standards of the faith, and most of the popular Christian Gospel theses days sang and/or performed at church, Denton Bible throws one at me this morning an inspiration that I’ve been singing all day: I will say I prefer Kendall (leading the choir), our 3 soloists, and the 50-60 folks in the Denton Bible Choir singing their version. It gets the hair on our arms standing up and it makes even the worst singer a part of the choir for nearly 5 whole minutes! Continue reading We Will Remember

Morning light

Most regular readers to this blog know I am a bit bonkers about photographing sunrises and sunsets. So for a change in scenry, I happened across this early morning sunrise photo on Saturday while driving through Flower Mound. Nothing like an inspirational glimpse at God casting His morning light on the steeple of His house. And I doubt He minds much with the red hawk sitting on the cross of His house of worship either. Continue reading Morning light