Boomerang Thank You

My very first blog posting wrote of a certain envelope received by mail about a month ago. (See Boomerang) It was addressed to “Nana and Papa” with an address remotely similar to mine, but obviously different. Well today I received Boomerang news. A thank you card was received from “Papa”. I’m thankful it made it to its rightful owner.

“Papa” was very gracious about perseverance, and appreciative of efforts made in his note. Apparently his daughter-in-law wrote her home zip code on ol’ Greeny and not “Nana and Papa’s” (she had everything else right). Why the Post Office could not figure out I was not him is beyond both “Papa” and me. Regardless, “Papa” sent stamps in his thank you card to cover the postage spent forwarding his mail and I guess now this incident has reached a happy conclusion. I am going to send back to “Papa” my thank you for his thank you card – sending a thank you card is a neat smile-bringing gesture that has since gone to the wayside of emails, cell phones, text messages, blogs (mine included), and general disregard for a hand written note.

But I may not stop with just a return thank you card…a good old fashion pen pal correspondence with “Papa” (Don) might be kind of fun as long as we print our addresses accurately and legibly to avoid similar mail delivery mishaps.


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