Where did everyone go?

It seems y’all were gone at the same time…except for Mac and me.

My Dad, brothers and their families will be coming off the mountain this weekend. Dad spent the last two weeks at a family vacation tradition – Seedhouse Campground in the Routt National Forest north of Steamboat Springs. My brothers, sisters-in-law, and 2 nieces joined him last week. I found myself checking the weather in Steamboat – 70° highs, low 40°’s lows – throughout the last two weeks, taking heavy, heavy sighs and wishing I were there instead of the +100° heat of Dallas. Oh well – Deb told me to go but like a typical husband I didn’t take her advice. I did check out plane fares to Denver and rental cars…almost booked a trip but figured my employer would not appreciate me just packing off for a few days without any prior notice. Perhaps the family can send pictures to add to this post. The rubbing-it-in phase will probably start Sunday.

My lovely bride ventured to the other side of the world for a week. She visited the month of July garden spot of Dubai where the average – and I did say average – temperature there, this month, is 105°. Though I was invited, that’s one place I’m glad I didn’t go (my passport has expired anyway)…this time of year (it qualifies VERY loosely as a somewhat vacation even though she was there on business). She’s been invited on a girl friend weekend in Nashville/Memphis in the near future (hope it’s not one of those get-naked-in-a-mud-bath bonding trips…or maybe I do hope it is…hmmmmmmm. I wonder if I will have pictures of that sent to me-yeah right).

One of Deb’s dear friends took her youngest daughter to Ireland – they should be back next week with a slight funny accent. Another of her dear friends has returned from a week trip somewhere in the upper Midwest – that may not have been a garden spot trip however.

Two co-workers took time off: one spent a week on a Boy Scout trip with his sons on an island in Florida (that would have been a blast), the other guy spent a week with family in Wisconsin followed by 3 days in Columbus on a business training doo-da (Wisconsin sounds fun, Columbus? well I don’t know….).

My assistant spent a few days back home in Utah with her mom and step-dad, practicing her picture taking on mom’s stable of horses and other livestock. She’s back and appreciates my letting the work pile up on her desk.

That leaves just the dog and I still at home for the summer. Mac and I pal-ed around while everyone was gone (poor, poor pitiful me). That’s the reason for the home page photo of Mac and me (upper left hand corner) – we got bored one Saturday. I guess I’m gonna have to use those 2+ weeks (and growing) vacation sometime soon. Let’s see: there’s always Vegas, or horse races, or the communal areas of Arizona, or alpine golfing in New Mexico, or trout fishing on the White River, or consecutive weekends on the college football games circuit – the options are starting to come to me now. I just need a friend to go with me – Mac is not available.

But hey, real plans are in the works right now. This coming weekend Deb and I are meeting FS & Tammy at a cabin north of Austin. Christmas is shaping up like a cabin will be rented for several days in the Hill County with FD and Mark, FS and Tammy, and hopefully Tammy’s M&D joining us throughout the week. The bride and I have also discussed taking a looooong week driving to NYC to see the FD – we’re not sure whether that will happen…yet, if it does-it would need to be in October. FD is home in September for a class reunion. We will venture a trip (or two) to Kansas to see parents and family in the next month or two or three. We’ve got to work all that around a pastime joy of PA announcing at high school football games – I don’t like missing those games…it’s too much fun making everyone listen to whatever I want to say, and I also have the best seat in the house (let me know if you want a press box pass – I have connections don’t ya know – but by no stretch of the imagination is a Friday night a vacation…just a date night with yours truly).

A busy fall is being scheduled (I can then in turn send pictures of those outings to all that sent pictures to me) so if you’re wanting us for fun and visits, or to join us, please have your people let our people know ASAP. I will have numerous eatery and accomodation recommendations forthcoming.

Now that you’re back perhaps my blog hits will go up again. Hope y’all had a grand time.


3 thoughts on “Where did everyone go?

  1. I’m back! We had a wonderful time in the mountains, but missed you very much. Tony’s and Dani’s overnight trek up the mountain to Gilpin was so awesome that they are already planning next year’s two-day hike. Join ’em, Tim May! Get those boots on, that bandana wrapped around your head, and buy a walking stick (not a cane, a walking stick!). :o) Becky


  2. Glad you had a great time. I found my 33 year old USGS topo map in my old backpack and rubbed Gilpin Lake for the good memories. I have my even older Boy Scout Manual on the bookshelf. Now I have to pull out my slides…I will be ready for next year!

    I’ve got to lose 2 pounds per week for the next year and I will be ready (but I can’t start until ice cream season is over). If I don’t, I might need that cane, or a motorized walker.

    Please don’t tell me Tony and Dani bought a sissy Bass Pro type walking stick for their trek. They should know you find a stick along the trail, lash a handle on it, stain it with your own blood, take it home and stand it in the corner for stories. That stick of Dad’s got him down the mountain with a bum ankle in the Black Hills when Uncle Charlie and I thought we were going to have to carry him out of the wilderness.

    Next year we bushwhack to Mica, bust over to Gilpin, camp on Red Dirt Pass, ease down through the meadows to Three Island and Gold Lakes, and we get back in camp in time for Moose’s Mess. We might need 3 days. I’m so there.



  3. I have your 2 weeks already planned. Steamboat and an Alaska fishing trip! Don’t be using it all up, may have to take some “non-pay” days!!


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