Pictures on a new blog page

Bloggers: I’ve upload pictures ONLY to my Flickr now. The “other” webblog proved to be somewhat burdensome and several of my daily readers advised me not to get too spread out….


As a persistence and creativity goal for 2009, I am starting a 365 project. 365 simply means at least one picture per day is to be chronicled. It can be a thoughtful (or lucky) snapshot, a composed picture, portrait, whatever the photo mode so dictates.

Photos will be uploaded at least weekly – be sure to check out the pictures as we get through this year. A link is on the sidebar – or go to 365 in 2009. Leave me a comment over there. I’ll also put the photos in a set and upload those to Flickr.

Not to worry, family and friend photos with stories will be kept at this blog page (but that’s not to say photos of family and friends might not make their way over to “365 in 2009”.

Oh, did I mention I missed the first day of the year?


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