Cheating the game of golf

We’ve all shaved a few strokes, or maybe just didn’t count a few of our duffs, OB’s, whiffs, tee-taps, foot wedges, and shots into Dad’s golf cart cubby hole – I think I’ve written about that already – playing the so-called “gentleman’s game” (no offense intended lady golfers).  This article in today’s Dallas Morning News comparatively pales our minor offenses and is a better example of how cheating in this wonderful game does not make the recreation any more enjoyable. So count those strokes fellow golfers and remember this story of cheating on a golf course…I wonder if these guys will claim a “mulligan” in court?

The Dallas Morning News – Dallas-Fort Worth briefs

06:15 AM CDT on Friday, March 13, 2009

From staff reports


Missing bulldozer found in golf course

Criminal charges are pending against the owners of a Weatherford golf course after authorities found a missing bulldozer buried under a fairway. The bulldozer was reported stolen more than 10 years ago.

Wes Mickleand his son, Stan, could face charges of insurance fraud, said Tyler Farrell, a detective with the Tarrant Regional Auto Crimes Task Force.

Investigators searched Canyon West Golf Course after a former employee reported seeing part of the bulldozer while fertilizing the 13th fairway, Farrell said.

He said the Mickles used the bulldozer to build the course, which they opened in 1996. The machine later was reported to their insurance company as stolen.  


Dan X. McGraw


Now my game has often times caused me to want to crawl in a hole and bury myself – this might be a bit extreme. I’ve also played golf courses in New Mexico with Dad where he has disappeared from sight going into a sand bunker for his next shot – that would be an easy fill-in-the-hole opportunity for the everyday dishonest golf course bulldozer operator….


Keep all this in mind: the Mickles cheated on the golf course…they buried the bulldozer on the 13th fairway (unlucky number and today just so happens to be Friday the 13th)…and all fertilizer has iron in it – I bet the fairway was lush and green for the last 10 years even had former employees not done their job…but if they didn’t (do their job), that would be more cheating on the golf course as well…grip and rip…replace and repair your divots…I would imagine a bulldozer-size divot such as this may take a bit more sand to repair than what typically is provided in the sand divot bottle on one’s golf cart….


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