EIR: A Painter’s Stroke of Kindness

I hope someone makes a room-with-a-view in heaven for this lady.

Just when our worries of political past, present, and future are nourished by bogged down, obsessed, and bent tendencies, we get this lady – one Kaziah Hancock – to come along and deservingly kick us in the seat of our britches.

Kaziah has a grasp on life and delivers a message well beyond the communicating stroke of her paintbrush. The gift(s) she gives is so much more important than any arguing point we might lamely pronounce. And perhaps even more important is the (high) road she chooses to travel with that message. Her road? It is the one that does not allow political pinball gaming, not even in the passing lane.

Kaziah’s being, it is as refreshing as her talent. For herself and for her own peace, she has already answered the eternal questions “why am I here, why am I here right now?” Now I’m thinking I might “be here right now” to mail this angel more paint. Take a watch and see for yourself: Painting our fallen military heros

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