Thump 09-26-2010

Personal notes from a Sunday morning at Denton Bible Church:


  • Knowing You
  • Lord I Lift Your Name On High
  • Praise the Savior
  • Amazing Grace/Chains Are Gone

Text Reading: Philippians 3:1 and 4:1

Sermon Notes (Pastor Tommy Nelson):

  • Phil. Chapter 1: Live as Christ
  • Phil. Chapter 2: Mind of Christ (emulate) can’t preach what you don’t live
  • Phil. Chapter 3: Seek Christ
  • Ver 1-9 justification (past)
  • Ver 10-16 sanctification (present)
  • Ver 17-21 glorification (future)
  • a protestant downfall: just because you may have found Christ and believe that is sufficient, you no longer seek Him
  • Verse 1: Paul said “rejoice in the Lord” (boast, glory)
  • If you go to heaven, what would you say to Christ if He asked what did you do? gone to church, tried to do my best, did not knowing hurt someone – if they give you their resume, they are not “Christ-ians”…they have confidence in self, not in Him(things in the black…”gains”; self-righteous life); trust in yourself, but not in the redemptive life of Christ
  • Verse 2: might stumble “beware of dogs” – false teachers (Jewish, nominal Christians, ceremonial law-yers). Paul says false teachers are evil workers
  • TN: “no hymns start with ‘maybe’ “
  • Paul defines circumcision as: 1) worship God/Spirit; 2) rejoice in Christ, 3) dismiss all honors/accomplishments as a means to reach God
  • Verse 7: gains are losses, if you take Jesus, you must clean your hands
  • Verse 8: all things are losses (despite moral gains)
  • Verse 9: it’s all in being found in Christ; naked we come into this world, naked we leave…all we have in between is Christ
  • Verse 10: “knowing” = “relationship”; alive to God, dead to sin
  • TN: FCA experience…the guy who introduces you, creates your credibility (creates the illusion); that’s what Paul wants to be
  • TN: “don’t be a Christian like I am a (Cowboys) fan”
  • Don’t be tripped up…Christ plus anything
  • TN: “velcro on a cue ball”
  • Verse 12: sanctification…get honest about your sin; follow hard after Christ (press on despite your sins)
  • Verse 13: Psalm 28:4; “See”, “Know”…forget living like you used to do, reach forward to what lies ahead
  • TN: “don’t sit on your scrapbook”
  • Verse 14: keep the faith; finish the race…the “prize” is what Christ thinks of you.
  • Verse 15: God will reveal your salvation
  • Version 16: walk the preordained line; don’t change because of the dogs (Ver 3:1), in other words: (TN) “dance with the one that brung ya”; stay straight – walk the path, walk the line, don’t stray from the path (also Colossians 2:4-5)

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