A Time of Oneness…grasshopper

For all computer, calendar, and conspiratore nerd-type celebrations everywhere…two days down, two to go.

Yesterday was 1-11-11 and twice during the day, the clock read 1:11.

11 days prior, it was 1-1-11, it too having two 1:11’s to contend with.

This year of the binary we have two more “days of ones” coming. Watch for 11-1-11 and 11-11-11, the latter date just so happens to be Veterans Day (I need to buy 10 more flags for that day’s posting of colors on the eave of my house).

And  lest we forget, we have four more opportunities to witness 1:11 on the clock on each of those two days in the 11th month of this 11th year of the century.

If in need of some luck, you might also consider standing strategically by your clock . Supposedly, kissing your clock precisely at 11:11 on those two days (11-1-11 ie 11-11-11) will bring fortune to you. And if you were to schedule your wedding on a binary day, and time the ceremony just right for saying “I do” at 11:11…oh boy, what kind of luck do you think that brings to the marriage?

Be ready…you never know when someone might ask a favor of you at the 11th hour.

One thought on “A Time of Oneness…grasshopper

  1. :) I’m glad you post about this. I always look forward to days that have an interesting number..uh..system to them. As a teacher, I get to point the days out to my students, and they get to stare at me like I’m the biggest nerd in the world. It’s a great system.


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