Thump 1-30-2011

Personal notes from a Sunday morning at Denton Bible Church:


  • Everlasting God
  • My Tribute
  • Forever Reign
  • Amazing Grace/Chains Are Gone (benediction)

Text Reading: Ephesian 2: 8-10 – there is not a gospel presentation that doesn’t have this verse or the essence of it in it; like John 3:16, Romans 5:8, Romans 6:23, Revelations 3:20…you just know this text. 

Sermon Notes (Tommy Nelson in the pulpit) :

  • We did not save ourselves, it was God who saved us in spite of ourselves, the grace of God
  • “grace” = the motive by which God saved us; the object of your mercy does nothing to move you; you don’t meet Him halfway
  • the grace of God grabbed us when we had no strength whatsoever
  • “God will save those that earned the right to be saved”; those that are spritiual enough, intellectual enough, seeking enough – they came halfway and God will met and thus the salvation of man and in that system God gave us an assist, but God has us to thank…that is a late 18oo’s  to present American, Western refurbishment of scripture. That is not New Testament grace and wrong.
  • “Saved”: perfect verb tense – activity that occurred in the past; it’s perfected, it’s finished, done, complete…can’t be add to it; so complete it has results to the present and into future; you can sing about heaven because you’re already there; If the head is in heaven the body will follow; if the groom is in heaven the bride will follow; if the shepherd is home the sheep will follow; its done!
  • Biblically, “Faith” is 1) you understand the content of the Promise, 2) in your heart you believe it, and 3) you trust Him
  • Faith is a gift – man does not have moral ability to recognizes his lostness, to turn from sin unto God; no man comes unless the Father draws him; faith is “granted”
  • Gift is 1) free to you, and 2) somebody else paid for – it’s costly, it’s precious; Salvation is free – heaven might have a different perspective
  • Salvation = you accept it (the gift)…you can’t earn it; “not of works” is saying you cannot earn salvation
  • wage of sin? Death
  • If you try to earn salvation, your saying 2 things: 1) making a claim about the death of Christ being ‘not worthy’ 2) a statement of yourself absolve themselves by acts of morality – you’ve got to come to Him with empty hands of faith.
  • No boasting; not one will say “look what I did”; cast your crowns at the feet of Christ
  • Psalm 19:  The Heavens tell of the glory of God – we are God’s workmanship, we tell if His glory; someday we will be the complete recreation of the cosmos
  • The 1st creation…by His word; He had nothing to work with; He willed it
  • The 2nd creation…in Christ; He provided the forgiveness, the righteousness, provided the death we needed, converted us
  • Faith without works is a dead faith; no life to it
  • He granted us grace in Christ from eternity, 2 Timothy 1:9
  • He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world: Ephesians 1:4
  • God has predestined – chosen – where you will end up
  • The Christian life is a lifestyle; the life of God is lived through us
  • Nature is not to be worshiped, it is to be subdued for the good of man; you don’t have modern science without the Christian world view of God, morality, man, and nature
  • The soul of man is naturally Christian, meaning the soul of man instinctively recognizes somebody made this, not just an animal, want to be treated with dignity, has natural consciousness, has guilt and wants to it take away – just not sure how to do it

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