A best friend

“No man is good enough to be a dog” – an old saying Pastor Tommy recited this morning in his sermon at Denton Bible as he was speaking of the loyalty and devotion had by Mary Magdalene for Christ…

Most of you know, or have figured out dogs have curled up next to my heart since I was a young boy. You might imagine then when Pastor Tommy told the story of Greyfriars Bobby to close his Easter service it tugged on my heart strings much like it did Tommy’s.

The story is this:

A constable in Edinburgh Scotland in the mid-1800’s named John Gray had a companion; a dog that was by his side at all times and wherever he went. His dear friend was a Skye Terrier named Bobby. In 1858, Gray died of tuberculosis and was buried in Greyfriars Kirkyard. Beginning on the day Gray was buried, Bobby took up a vigil at his master’s grave. This daily ritual went on for 14 years until Bobby’s death, only interrupted by meals from local townspeople and to seek shelter from inclement weather. Those interruptions were brief as he returned to the grave site at the earliest opportunity.

To paraphrase Pastor Tommy, and as a reminder for my own good: “Uncommon devotion” is hard to come by these days. I am sometimes hard-pressed to be more than a “sunshine patriot” because of other priorities I have given credence in my life. Mary Magdalene knew her priorities. She was at Christ’s side for the cheering of His ministry’s beginnings, she was there as well for the jeering at it’s tangible end (on the Cross). It is a wonderful lesson of Christian devotion and loyalty.

Upon his death at the age of 16, Bobby was buried near his master in Edinburgh, at Greyfriars Kirkyard.  He has a statue and granite tombstone to recognize the uncommon devotion he gave his master even after death, and the story of Bobby touches all generations. Mostly, Bobby’s story explains why dogs can be so much a part of our lives. From Bobby to my own Mackie and Zoey, there are lessons of devotion and loyalty I best learn and give thanks.

Hoping your Easter was blessed!

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