More Golf Fun from yesterday

I took over 1400 pictures yesterday! This series could go on for a long, long time y’all (just kidding…on the series going on for a long time…maybe a week…OK, maybe not):

The Gang of Mays

dad - I think he had a great time again this year
The Youngens (aka "the grandkids")
Dad and OFB Tony - you'd think they were disgusted with somebody's tee shot by the looks of it
OFB TR just choked on a 25' putt...
The OFBs on the approach shot on #1
OFB Tony, scooting off into the sunset
OFB Tony with Eli and Toby
Kristie with her boys on the new scooter bought at the auction
OFGrNe Toby
OFGrNe Eli
OFB Tony and OFGrNe Eli already discussing next year's golf win strategy
a fun (and very competitive) dodge ball game in dad's backyard
OFNi Tara with OFGrNe Toby just hanging out
OFNi Dani dodge ball scheming with OFGrNe Eli
The Whole Gang of Mays and Friends (after golf party)

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