I should wear my sunglasses…for one night

image from inquisitr.com

Go figure this:

Texas Rangers fans attending tomorrow night’s Rangers-Astros game in Arlington will get to be a part of something bigger than the game of baseball.

Bigger than Texas itself probably….

image from fansedge.com

Yep, those attending the game will get to chance to set a Guinness World Record in the “most people wearing sun glasses at night“. All this is a New Jersey-owned Reliant Energy promotion for a new solar electricity program (but wait…what? The game’s at night…as in, after dark…like, like, non-solar hours).

Reliant is buying 30,000 sunglasses to hand out to fans tomorrow n-i-g-h-t. Now I’m certain, these are high quality sunglasses being handed out…probably like Oakley’s or something. (They might be those glasses from the infomercials – Eagle Eye or BluBlocker, huh? Especially if the Rangers swing and miss at the plate for the first 6 innings)

I think I’ll wear my Bass Pro polarized sunglasses tomorrow night while sitting at home. If for nothing else, as a sign of support for the home team! Wonder if I’ll get counted? I could text a photo of me wearing my own sunglassess with the Rangers game on TV to the fine solar folks in New Jersey just to be sure.

image from blog.prorumors.com

Now if I were promoting a new solar electricity program with the Rangers and Astros, in Texas, during the summertime…well…they make those caps with a solar chip on top that powers a fan in the cap bill that blows air on your face. Why wouldn’t “they” do something like that…in addition to giving away the free sunglasses of course. Fans have to be styling by all means.

Regardless, after 6 innings, the contest to wear those free, expensive, Oakley-knockoff sunglasses at night for 10 minutes begins. If nothing else, it should be a “spectacle”.

And don’t you know, if I were to be given tickets to the game and handed a pair of sunglasses to wear for 10 minutes between the 6th and 7th innings, I would take them off after 9 minutes and 45 seconds just because….

Oh yeah, BTW, Rangers beat the Astros tonight 8-3…without sunglasses and under cloudy skies.

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