Do you think I need one of these?

Perhaps I do…but then again, maybe I shouldn’t.

That’s all I need is another camera, as if the nine working snap-shooters I have won’t do what this does: Turn you iPhone into a DSLR


Quick story: last weekend I stopped into my local electronic retailer that refers to itself as the Best place to Buy. I stopped at their clearance table where they had several shirt-pocket sized cameras for sale at 30%-50% off. As I picked one up to check it out, a young sales guy steps right up and asks if I’m thinking about buying a new camera. I look up at him, smiled, and said: “I own nine cameras…I don’t think I need to add a 10th to my bag”. He reeled back and responded: “whoa, are you a professional photographer?” “Nope, just an obsessed one”.

OK…how do you get one? The cost?

It’s about the price of a decent “drive by shooter” camera (as I like to call them…my FugiFilm S5700 and Nikon L110). But really…I wonder how it is answering a phone call, reading text messages, or checking your email?

Nah, I think I’ll stick with my Canon 60D as the preferred camera.


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