“Woody” summer shower

An early morning sprinkling of my front lawn gave way to an entertaining few minutes. Sitting down with a fresh cup of coffee and my electronic Sunday newspaper (it’s just not the same as a print copy), I spied a red-headed woodpecker on my Cedar Elm getting a cooling summer shower this morning through the dining room window. I scrambled for a camera – any camera for that matter…I even considered aiming my iPad at him for a minute (funny how you forget where you put them at 6:15 in the morning…well…for some of us that might be a concern).

“Woody” seemed not to mind my watching. He danced up and down the trunk, starting at the base of the tree and hopping up the trunk to the lowest branch. There, Woody would perch, out of the reach of the sprinkler. He would shake off the water, act like he was catching his breath, and then glance down to the ground with what I swear was a grin on his beak. He would then leap off the perch, glide to the base of the tree…just so he could start the upward journey-hop all over again. Quite funny actually. Woody repeated these antics about 10 times.

Now that I know he, like the rest of us, much prefers a morning shower to get the day started, I now have a photo challenge to descriptively capture Woody’s dance with a camera, a better capture than I got today. To coax him back for a shower each morning, my water bill might get expensive (not to mention having a few extra yard mowings as well). Bummer I didn’t get a good picture of him doing his shower dance this morning. But I did manage to snap a couple silhouette pictures of a thoroughly soaked bird in his perch.

Hope this at least gives you a smile on another hot Texas afternoon!


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