For several months I’ve been asking folks what do you call people that do odd things in photographs, usually behind the primary subject’s focus. I been told they are “clowns”, “hams”, “_ _ _holes”, and “photo whores”. But of late, I’ve seen them called “bombers”…or maybe I should say the practice of stealing the scene is called “photobomb”. 

Whatever they are, they are more times than not, quite funny. In fact I came across a top 20 list just the other day: The 20 Funniest Sports Photobombs Of All TimeI’ve looked at these countless times and still laugh…the leaping linebacker cracks my up everytime.

You can always catch more funny photos on FailBlog. Those only reinforce the best definition of photobomb I’ve read is “The Fine Art of Ruining Other People’s Photographs”.


You can hang out at our house every June after the Relay For Life Golf Tourney where friends and family always pose for OFSIL Becky’s group photo…

Always be on the look out for a photobomber….