And so it is that I boldly claim a small victory (as of yesterday). That tonnage-loss program…you know…that one that has occupied many a side comment in my postings of late has given reason to indulge in a DQ Blizzard or something (not really).

Well, my victory is the tonnage I’ve managed to lose off these weary bones and joints now equals my age (that’s my biological age, not the mental one).

Can you tell?

Thanks to those who have freely passed out encouragement these past 13 weeks, especially those at work:

  • Jason O for his “atta boy-keep it up” comments that help me in ways unknown to him (most likely)
  • Ms. Glenda who has recently been greeting me with a “Good Morning Skinny” each day when I walk in the door
  • Mr. Nick (who has gone on to different opportunities with his employment) for giving me the Boy Scout “can do” pat-on-the-back.
  • Ray and Paula and Ragu and Kyle for grinning real big at me walking the hallways as they catch me hiking up my now too-big pants
  • And a handful of others that have realized I truly do have a chin and neck

And then there are others that deserve recognition:

  • Christian Community Action charity organization for accepting the donation of all my “fat-man clothes” the other day.
  • American Airlines for not handing me a seatbelt extension when I recently traveled to both the east and west coasts.
  • My closet for holding a smaller wardrobe way in the back for all these years and never tired of me saying “one of these days”.
  • FS for saying today “Hey Pops…you’re looking good”.
  • FD who asked over the phone how much I’ve lost and then saying (before she took off to Scotland) last weekend “Oh Pops, I’m so proud of you”

It’s been a good time…I’m nearly half way to my goal. With help, I hope to get there soon.

But know, there are times I still find myself saying “Man am I hungry” and the willpower challenge is on all over again….