A mixed bag of Sunday

So many happenings today….

Even though Tommy wasn’t in the pulpit this morning, DBC was nonetheless humbling.

Even though oversized but wearable clothes were in the closet, Bass Pro got a bunch of my money (and the smaller sizes purchased brought a proud grin to my face).

Facing the western horizon, the sunset would have been in my face but instead tucked itself behind the clouds (and underexposed the shot intentionally)

Even though my tonnage-loss program is strict in the “oh-no-you-don’ts”, the three pulled pork nachos, 6 rooster tails (fried onion strips), chopped salad, and a couple bites of fried peach pie with homemade ice cream was absolutely divine.

Even though it was a cloudless, hot summer day, the sunset tonight was pretty…cool.

But it was my internet find with a Yahoo.com article this evening that caught my attention. Having just been involved with a pro bono design for a Veterans Memorial in my hometown, an article read (and heard) on the controversial 9/11 Memorial quickly drew my interest.

With the sunset at my back, the billowing clouds on the eastern horizon surrendered a dramatic look to the evening sky.

In watching and reading the article, my emotions began to stir and thoughts of that day were relived. The article has several videos (in a looping presentation) that give testimony from lives effected by that senseless tragedy some 10 years ago; a wound that still heals for most. The day still fills the pages of my memories.

Those are memories of a day when selfishly all I wished was to hear my daughter’s voice, a NYU student at the time. Nothing else really mattered. As family began calling throughout the morning, I had nothing to offer except a hopeful logic that Tiff had no reason to be in that part of the city, on that morning. But then, fears that maybe she had reason to be near Ground Zero that morning raced through my thoughts…maybe she met a friend for coffee, perhaps she was on the subway….

It was around noon (Texas time) when a friend of Tiff’s called to say she was OK. Then, a few hours later Tiff followed up with a call of her own. After talking with her, it was at that point my thoughts and prayers turned to others tragically involved with the events of the day. I knew many would not receive as thankful a phone call as I just did.

This still touches me, as it touches so many of us all. It is a fine tribute to lives lost and sacrifices made, regardless of any negative public perception or reception: 9/11 Remembered: Behind-the-scenes look at the 9/11 Memorial

Another set of billowing clouds on the eastern horizon that catch the last bit of sun before she completely sets.

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