This weekend is it!

Our 35th high school class reunion starts tomorrow and goes through the weekend…and look what I found in the back of my closet!

I am a nerd or what? Now what did I do with the actual letterman’s letter…hmmmmm. Did I even have one to start with? Gosh it’s been so long…and I’m certain age has nothing to do with my memory, I think.

Should I wear it to the reunion? Or at least the parade or football game? LOL!!!

2 thoughts on “This weekend is it!

  1. Wear it, Tim!!! Be proud. If you’d shave the facial hair, you’d look like you just stepped out of the Indian Call 1976 yearbook!!

    Have a blast and tell my sister hi! She’s way excited about this weekend and has worked so hard on this reunion. Party, party, party and don’t drink and drive. That’s my sisterly advice for you, Deb, and Marc! :o)


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