Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

There are many comforts….

Princess Zoey, taking comfort

San Diego comfort food
The 4th of July comfort show
Mint Oreo DQ comfort
comfort before dinner, during dinner, and after dinner...mate
Comfort food, or should I say Comfort Relieving Food?
True comfort comes in a shell
Taking a comfort-able post (this is my Dog-Niece Mollie)
A very comfort-able sunrise over Lewisville Lake
Is this more soothing than comfort-able?
Another comfort-able sunrise, this one over the Canadian English River
A comfort-able desert of coffee and apple-crisp a la mode
A fried walleye sandwich shorelunch...the ultimate comfort meal
My Royal Scotties - comfort or lazy?
Comfort knowing Bonnie, my other Dog-Niece, is on guard
Getting that look that causes un-comfort-able thoughts...especially when very little distance lies between you and her

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