Another year carved out

So Monday was Halloween…not enough Trick-or-treaters gave us a surplus of candy this year. That is not a good thing for my ongoing tonnage-loss efforts. But the yearly fun thing about Halloween is a friendly competition done between OFB TR and his daughter, and my OFNi, Tara.

Each year these two go at it with a knife, pottery tools (I assume), and a few candles. They have themselves a pumpkin carving contest…just the two of them.

And each year my OFSIL Sue sends pictures to the family for an online vote as to determine a winner. So I’m told, the loser is supposed to buy the winner a bottle of Crown – and apparently they are on an IOU system thus far.

Every year we get these fun times for sure. Thanks for sharing your talents yuze guys!

2011: Carvers did two pumpkins each...then it narrowed to one entry each

2011: The Howling Werewolf or the Frightened Pumpkin

Which one would you have picked this one?

And look what I found: photos of previous year’s carvings (OFB TR and/or OFNi Tara will have to admit to the winner of each year)….

The 2010 Collection
2010: The Cat or the Spider

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