Mailboxes! I seek them out…I take pictures of them…homeowners can sometimes get rather concerned with me stopping in front of their house and doing so….

Don’t ask me why, but I strangely have a picture collection of these receptacles of both good and bad news. And lately during my travels (through neighborhoods timmay? really? that’s “travel”)….I’ve come upon several worthy of adding to my photo collection:

Hello Sailor, glad your home
You've heard of "plain vanilla"...this is "plain chocolate turd"
"Now lets see here...what do we have left over that we can build a mailbox with"
Big and bold for Little and meek
Makes you wonder if they ran out of stone
Now if they only painted the flap door white, this would have absolutely zero personality....
Oh my! I have ugly memories of reading Hansel and Gretel to match this
Is this a Transformer Mailbox or something?
Reportedly, this also serves as a military missile silo

Mind you, if the opportunity to thoroughly bore yourself beyond all postmarks and Forever (stamps), grab a favorite beverage and go “postal” by viewing the online photo set of mine at your first class (or book rate) leisure.

Funny thing about these pictures: I have relatively few view hits on them, however…while mingling at my class reunion this past fall, a high school chum certainly got a kick out of questioning my sanity in having such a quirky eye for photographing these oddities. What that really means is at least one person (thanks MarkK!) has seen the collection! (and these latest photographic gems are for you my good friend)

Tim’s Flickr Mailbox Set