My little cupcake

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December 15th IS National Cupcake Day.

And since I’ve officially blown my tonnage-loss program right out the kitchen window this holiday season, I’m eating from a selection of chocolates from the See’s Candy Christmas gift received yesterday from OFGaPal JaiJai instead…and when I get home, the William & Sonoma Peppermint Bark awaits my palette (thanks Deb!).

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But if you’re so inclined, check out “Bites” for some ideas on a celebration of eating.

Oh yeah, if you do click the “Bites” link, as far as the Honeybaked Ham Cupcake goes…that’s just not right!

Same goes for the Coke and Potato Chip Cupcake.

Now I’m all for cupcakes, but some of these – with the exception of the juicy-looking LIMEY(FISH) cupcake for obvious reasons to this blog – I would be afraid to bite into several of them.

Life is good when you have cupcakes in front of you!

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