A new year, a new 365 project

Last year Limeyfish.com embarked on an ambitious “postaday” quest with this blog. And it did OK with it. Frankly, there was concern that y’all would tire of the incessant bantering and the geez-is-this-guy-always silliness. Apparently, y’all must not have minded too much being too exposed.

I came up a bit short in achieving the goal needing a minimum of one daily post. This blog had 363 posts for the year…but know this: that is a bit misleading. A mere 2 days of blogging were not missed for the year. I had several multiple-posts days in 2011. My guess is I missed out on maybe 15 days in 2011 of not getting a post posted. Dang it!

Oh well, right?

So this year another goal with this blog has been set!

Most of you know I do a bunch of picture-taking…truth be known by all, I’m probably better at pictures than blogging and that’s not saying I’m good at doing either.

With those thousands of pictures taken (and to be taken) comes the underlying intention to either find beauty and/or capture the entertaining qualities of everyday life. Admittedly, some pictures hit their mark, others failed miserably on both counts. Oh well, right?

This year – drum roll please – I introduce the “Daily Cap”. With this goal, I will combine my habit (hobby) of photography and an assigned caption to a minimum of one picture per day…hey wait a minute, that’s two 2012 blogging resolutions isn’t it (picture-a-day and post-a-day).

Technically, I already behind in the posting……..but not the picturing. So I gotta catch up with 3 posts today.

Hope you guys don’t get too tired of the Daily Cap. We’ll see how long I can keep this up. As always, you can add your own captions by way of commenting.

Oh well, right?


1/1/2012 Denton TX: A common New Year's resolution that got wrecked on the first morning of 2012...oh the pain and gain (been there AND done that before).


2 thoughts on “A new year, a new 365 project

  1. “My guess is I missed out on maybe 15 days in 2011 of not getting a post posted.” You are such a slacker, Tim! What were you doing those 15 days???? Were you even thinking about us – your faithful followers?????? Hmmmm???????

    Can’t wait to embark on another educational, entertaining, beautiful journey through the eyes and words of Timothy Wayne May! :o)


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