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I don’t know if the FD & FSIL are gonna do this event today, being the live up there in the “crazy city”.

Nor do I know whether the FS & (pregnant) FDIL will give it a go down this way in the “weird town”.

But whatever they do (or don’t) in the way of public participation in “Scivies Sunday, it does sounds kind of fun and entertaining.

This Event, wherever it’s organized, will/would definitely be a camera/picture/The Daily Cap kind of moment.

Where’s my camera? Could I take pictures of this Event without getting the “creep” label? (I guess that depends on who and what gets photographed…LOL)

No Pants Subway Ride 2012 Details for New York

The organizers say the intent for the event (apparently no politics, no “occupy-ation” is being expressed or implied for a change) is this: “…two simple rules: One is to peel off their pants and try to act as normal as possible”.

And the encouraged advice via the Event organizer’s Facebook page (not that I went there or anything): “Remember to try and keep undergarments PG-13 or ‘safer.’”

And if there’s any doubt or hesitation of this…

What say you guys: anyone with me on going along, or without, with this event around here? Let me know – I might have to put on clean shorts if we head into town this afternoon….

2012 No Pants DART Ride Dallas (part of the global No Pants Subway Ride)

3 thoughts on “De-pants’d

  1. Naw. No adventerous volunteers up here to show some leg with me. Instead I ran around the house with a t-shirt tucked into the whitey-tighties till the PBS-watching ladies came over. Figured I would get out of the house so as not to disrupt the dinner party. But I think I left in too much of a hurry…sure am getting odd looks at Starbucks tonight.


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