The Plentiful Daily Cap(s) (56)

Back in the woods off the beaten path I found this Mexican Plum in early bloom...with the morning sunrise aglow in the background.

Just a tree trunk...with the sunrise coming through the woods beyond (saw this waiting for my cardinals to wake up). Kind of looks like the woods are ablaze.
Frost on the leaves - a bit chilly this morning
In search of an early morning "honey hole"
Fisherman (and a cyclist fisherman trying to beat them to the spot apparently) headed to the shoreline on an early Saturday morn
I see these guys fishing every morning (or is it they see me every morning taking pictures). They already have their lines in the water...just in time for the sunrise. Seeing this reminded me of my favorite Vivaldi song - Strings and Continuo in G Major R 516; III. Allegro...huh? (trust me, it is good get-the-morning-started music)





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