The Roadrunning Daily Cap(s) (75)

Found this lady this morning...quite the impressive Roadrunner
She was busy scampering about...didn't seem to care that I was stalking her
She would stop and pose for she knew I had my camera on her
See what I mean? Posing....
Then she started acting this "runner" was about to take flight
She was nesting...I took the picture and then let her be. (if I hadn't watched her go from the ground to the tree, I'd never know she was up there...don't you just love nature's gift of camouflage)

2 thoughts on “The Roadrunning Daily Cap(s) (75)

  1. WOW – she is beautiful and confident! I’ve never seen a roadrunner, except for the one who used to outsmart Wiley Coyote on Saturday mornings. Beep, Beep! Beautiful, Tim. Amazing!! :o)


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