The Nightmare Daily Cap(s) (90)

Have I ever mentioned that next to tornadoes, I like snakes best?
The guy I was with today had a golf club shaft and used it to poke at these creatures of questionable value (that is a strictly a personal commentary on my part...although don't try to argue differently with me please - you will not convince me otherwise) he wanted me to start screaming and see how fleet-of-foot this big ol' boy is when hightailing it.
My next design project involves dealing with the habitat of these "nasty disposition black water snakes - I say they are Diamoondback Water Snakes - with non-venomous bites" (did I say "bites"? Oh geez). It seems I have been challenged with re-designing a City park boardwalk that traverses over this snake pit/beaver dam. It will require additional field investigation, which in turn will involve countless hours of insomnia, sudden night time awakenings with sheet-soaking sweats, and Indiana Jones type of fear-facing. Am I getting paid enough?

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