The 88˚ and Sun(day) Daily Cap(s) (92)

88˚ and Sun(day)...and pushing the limits of your boundaries
88˚ and Sun(day)...and Indian Paintbrush responding....
88˚ and Sun(day)...and big boats and catching a few rays where you can
88˚ and Sun(day)...and half nakedness on boats partying on the lake (and for a reason that only beer and sunshine could probably explain, the one guy in the red cap has a toy gun holstered to his leg)
88˚ and Sun(day)...and that probably has little to do with this Superman casting technique
88˚ and Sun(day)...and my backyard Sour Cherry Tree in bloom
88˚and Sun(day) week from Easter, and the Royal Scotties are still fashionably wearing black

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