The Desk Junk Daily Cap(s) (137)

These certainly do not help my tonnage-loss program…but dang they’re good!
Been on my desk since last fall…just waiting for a cough I guess…
Camera stuff – of course….
Starting to look a bit scuffed up and well-used….
These are to my “drive-by-shooter” FugiFilm camera as dark chocolate is to my tastebuds….
A little bit of everything to treat what might be ailing ya (except for the Princess Zoey vet bottle for a stool sample…no worries, it’s still empty y’all)
Not on my desk, but still an every night occurrence: Princess Zoey takes on the front yard gecko through my office window…..
Trying a bit of an unusual snack these days…please don’t think anything less of me for it….
But these will always trump the seaweed…duh!
Now which political campaign spouting another set of falsehoods could that be?
iPad cover, Mackie Queen of Scots medicine, and sketch books…always have plenty of sketch books around
My iTunes account wants to know if these might be of interest to me. Anyone know any of these guys?

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