The Odd Collection Daily Cap(s) (180)

Morning light in the foyer….
These guys will keep you up at night (]FugiFilm photo on a macro setting – hmmm. Where’s my Canon when I need it?)….
Marching and orderly…except for the likelable kid near the back of the line – I’m thinking that kid and I not only share an attitude, we might in fact be related (or should be – Ha)!
A new treat found down the street after a wonderful Vietnamese lunch bowl of Pho Gau. BTW,  “so long Lisa…you will be missed, as will your cultural teaching during these kind of lunches!”
OK…so you don’t think me really odd to have a headless shape in the foyer as in the first picture of this post, here’s another look at a sunrise filtered through the front windows. See? It’s all good and proper in the limeyfish house!


4 thoughts on “The Odd Collection Daily Cap(s) (180)

  1. Timmay!!!! Surely you know that cicadas do NOT make sounds at night. Usually. They will only sing at night if disturbed by bright artificial light or if it’s really hot. oh. nevermind. You’re Right!


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