The String Line-less Daily Cap (209)

First to catch my attention was the industrial-sized porch light on this house, then the oddly maintained shrubbery, oh but wait…what’s up with those bricks?
The mason was either an artist, a drunk, or maybe so frugal he made do with what he had on hand…but the results are cool none the less. (Wonder what made them think the flower box needed to be hung square)

2 thoughts on “The String Line-less Daily Cap (209)

  1. I actually like this! I love the unusual – what’s the fun in being like everyone else? I ripped the carpet off my stairs inside the house and painted them black. Works for me! Of course, we have to have light to walk upstairs now, but hey, who else has black stairs?


    1. Works for me too! I actually took the picture to show contractors – it always helps to do show and tell when trying to explain what you want. I would have loved to hand bricks to the mason and visit with him as he was building this. Black stairs, huh? I’m liking that too!


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