The Get-My-Goat Daily Cap(s) (213)


I show up and they all came running….
A few singled themselves out from the pack…the young didn’t know better perhaps
This lady watched me with a whole lot of curiosity….
The patriarch of the bunch…well, he just stood back and watched the ladies and kids get all excited (like I had something to share…”everyone smile on 3″)
Hey wait a minute…you must be amongst the goats just to keep the coyotes at bay…such a gentle beast of burden he was (at least this morning)






3 thoughts on “The Get-My-Goat Daily Cap(s) (213)

  1. Those photos make the goats look really “clean.” Living in Southern California, the only time we see goats are at petting zoos, on farms where there is loose dirt flying around…and hay…the goats always have a film of grime on them it seems. I never want to touch them. The 2nd pic, the goat is so cute and I want to pet him.

    Lake Forest, CA


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