The Random Tuesday Daily Cap(s) (248)

Water, water everywhere….
And so out dances the frog….
Some kind of daffodil?
“she loves me, she….”
“…must not”….
tomorrow will be another day of service….






2 thoughts on “The Random Tuesday Daily Cap(s) (248)

  1. No, not a daffodil, Lycoris radiata, also known as a spider lily. Some call them “Schoolhouse Lilies” because they bloom in September. And that frog? I LOVE those frogs. I’ve been pondering for decades how I can sneak them away and put them in my back yard.


    1. See I knew you would know, my go-to gardener lady! I had no idea of their “Schoolhouse” history. That sign in the Gardens must be talking about the usual spring-blooming daffodils then…you know the ones you don’t see this time of year. Thanks Ms. Pea! :)


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