The Running with Scissor(tails) Daily Cap(s) (262)

A chattering pair…but there were more
Posed or poised?
Showing off his nice wingspan….what happened to your head?
You’d think it was winter with a white sky and a tree barren of leaves….
Wait a minute…wait just one minute. What are you doing hanging out with the Scissortails? Get out of here!





8 thoughts on “The Running with Scissor(tails) Daily Cap(s) (262)

    1. I like them too. This “flock” at the lake are curious, ornery, and not without personality. I can watch them do their chattering and aerial aerobics for long stints at a time. :)


  1. I had look these guys up in my field guide, and so was surprised to realize they do in fact hang around in Michigan as I’ve not ever encountered a scissortail. Great shots!


    1. I love watching them Sid. They are a curious bird. They will chase your vehicle and fly close to check out your goings-on. They seem most active in the morning, and I find them in scattered tree stands with an expanse of grassland surrounding the few tree(s)…by no means is that an educated fact, just an observation about this bunch down here.


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