The Greek Daily Cap(s) (274)

The 56th Annual Greek Food Festival of Dallas! Let’s Dance!
And dance!
And dance in shoes with pom-poms on the toes (and please note I’m not the only one taking pictures of them)…
And then let’s dance some more…..
Then we eat! (Loukaniko Sandwich and Dolmathes)
And then we eat some more! (Greek coffee and Baklava)
And some folks, besides the dancers, were in full costume….
A bit ominous were their costumes if you ask me….
But let’s not forget the Police officer…who danced between the 6 lanes of traffic, was in full costume himself, and decided to eat by starting the grill…in the middle of the road (and right next to the truck’s gas tank!). Grand time had being Greek for the afternoon!

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