The Oh Deer Daily Cap(s) (278)

Momma is looking for the kids….
Here’s one of the three youngens (the other two bound off into the woods much too quickly for my fumbling fingers to get a photo – and it didn’t help I had the shutter release on a delay either)….
“You sir…I don’t care much for…and remember this: I’m watching you watching me watching you. So leave my family alone why don’t you!”



3 thoughts on “The Oh Deer Daily Cap(s) (278)

  1. Hey! If you want some more deer, I’ll be happy to send several your way in venison form. Our neighborhood ‘herd’ is getting way too big, and there are plans afoot to do some culling this fall. Some evenings, there are as many as seventeen deer laying in my front yard. Just LAYING there, content from chomping my garden! They aren’t even intimidated by Max the Dog anymore.


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