The What’s The Objective Daily Cap(s) (294)

I found myself cooped up in a conference room (yes…on a glorious-weather Saturday with all sorts of other pictures in waiting) with like-minded colleagues, trying to come up with a palatable “Strategic Plan” for all our fellow landscape architects in Texas to digest and conduct themselves responsibly in the profession.
We all had our moments, but Barbara (from our National office) had the most. She is an easel-writtin’ fool that girl! One thing discovered in todays proceedings is that I am annoying when it comes to wordsmithing each and every objective statement (and loving every minute of it)
oh my…Am I supposed to be doing that? Kind of sounds political in a way, huh?
One objective accomplished: temptation was thwarted in the pastry indulgence category of our Strategic Planning….not a one donut was consumed (by me) all the damn day long (but don’t you know I was standing over them doing nostril deep-breathing exercises during each break).






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