The “Oh No-Yes” Daily Cap(s) (313)

Oh No! Tell me it ain’t so! Christmas has arrived at local shopping malls….arrrgghhh, bah humbug (and the leaves aren’t even off the trees yet)
Oh yes! Serenity now!

3 thoughts on “The “Oh No-Yes” Daily Cap(s) (313)

  1. Yeahbut, if that’s the mall I think it is, most of the trees surrounding are live oaks, which means the leaves won’t fall off until spring. I’ll join you in a Bah-Humbug! because it’s TOO EARLY to start with the Christmas decorations!


  2. A prominent roundabout intersection in downtown Lansing has a display of enormous Christmas tree decorations (the standard hanging shiny red ball) in the middle – they appeared last week. And I heard one (just one) holiday song while at the supermarket yesterday. Can’t fight city hall, I guess, so I sang along.


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