The Tag Teaming with the FD Daily Cap(s) (317)

From the cell phone camera of the FD today – I’m so incredibly proud of her and the FSIL – comes this photo of the fog rolling in on the Verrazono-Narrows bridge in NYC (connecting Brooklyn and Staten Island)
The two of them paid the bridge toll on their way to yet another day of Hurricane Sandy volunteering for those more dramatically affect than they were…where did she get such gracious, caring, and giving heart? (from her Mom for sure) (FD’s photo that I “sepia’d” for a kind of cool effect, don’t cha think? Hope the FD doesn’t mind the liberties taken with her photo)
Look here what they came upon in route to their place of volunteering – this may literally be a “house” boat for all I know…. (photo by FD)
And their day of volunteering was spent removing sheetrock and gutting the hurricane-damaged basement of someone’s home…(photo by FD)
Back in Texas, my day ended with a photograph of the silverware caddy in the comfort of a well-lighted, warm kitchen….
and the plunger-cup tea steeper for my nightly night cap of white tea…so that (tea) leaves little question to who’s day was more meaningful and fulfilling, agreed?

4 thoughts on “The Tag Teaming with the FD Daily Cap(s) (317)

  1. Tiffany most certainly inherited her warm heart from her momma AND daddy! Her photos are amazing and I am so proud of her and Mark. :o)


  2. Sometime tells me that your daughter’s kindness comes equally from both of her parents. Thank you for sharing her pictures, and yours – loved the kitchen shots!


    1. Thanks Elisa. “T” (aka “FD) has a Family/friends/people-priortiy personality. I can only hope that maybe just a bit of her life’s attitude may have been caused by her dad. :)


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