52 To-Do’s

(through the truck windshield) Four boys try to walk the pipe fence while their hound dog watches me watching them….

This starts the first (full) week of 2013 and my vacation last week had my brain aching for photo idea challenges to follow the Project 365.

Instead of all those daily photos like last year, I’ve come up with a “P52” self-challenge, aka a “weekly post”, list of ideas below.

Now by no means am I thinking of doing all these, but ask you guys “what ‘cha think?”. And the poll feature (that I’ve never used before) could decide my (and your) fate for the coming year….

So let’s say something like, oh I don’t know, maybe the top 3 idea votes (or suggestions) will get the nod for 2013.

Now if 7 ideas get tie votes, that means I’m back to a 365….arrrggghhhh!

Oh but what….if no one votes then I get the whole year off! No pressure y’all…or hard feelings if this poll-vote thing doesn’t work out for this blog. :)

Last year was fun – this year could be. What say you?

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