Mischief Spray Park

Instead of a TV show, today I saw first hand the improvisation of urban youth (and a couple adults too), on a Brooklyn street, with a fire hydrant, in dog-day kind of weather. These boys were having a blast!

17 thoughts on “Mischief Spray Park

    1. My daughter saw this happening from a block away and said “come on Dad, get your camera ready!” Right place, right time…right time of day, almost the right camera setting :) thank you


      1. I hadn’t even thought about that. The past several years I make a concentrated effort to go see the results of the Fair’s photography ribbon winners. Have you entered photos there before?


      2. No, but I’ve always wanted to. My husband takes most of the photos for my blogs. I think you should look into it! It would be cool to see your photos there, especially with a big blue ribbon!


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